Monday, February 20, 2012


I woke up this morning with a bruise on my stomach. I'm not sure where it came from considering all I did this weekend was go on a first date, attend a country concert and babysit my nephew. Come to think of it, drinking beer at a concert and playing with a 3 year old cutiepie are ripe activities for a torso bruise.

But this is about my adorable nephew and not the rootin' tootin' good time I blogged about yesterday so I will blame my bruise on the fun I had with my nephew because 1) it's more socially acceptable to bruise oneself while playing with small children than being a drunken woo-girl at a country concert and 2) because I was not drunk at the concert (I was totally a woo-girl though) and therefore the bruise must have been a result of the fun I had playing with my awesome nephew. 

I will call my nephew Chewie because although I'm posting the details of my personal life on the interwebz, my nephew deserves his privacy.  There's nothing that irks me more than people who bomb the internet with embarassing stories and pictures of children who are too young to consent to their lives being documented in cyberspace.  Ok, I lied, there's one thing that bothers me more and that's parents who post potty training play-by-plays on their Facebook status messages.  This results in immediate unfriending from me.  Still, I'd like to mention that I obtained permission from Chewie's parents before posting and promise to only post embarassing stories about me in which Chewie is an ancillary party and not vice versa.

So, my parents and I were babysitting my Chewie over the weekend while my brother and sister in law were away on a romantic post-Valentine's weekend in NYC (bow chica bow wow!).  I lived in Boston and Israel for the first year and half of Chewie's life so I try to be the best aunt possible in order to make up for lost time.  Also, just in case the whole dating and happily ever after thing doesn't work out, I'm trying to make a good impression now, before I turn into some crazy dog lady.

Chewie and I spent the weekend doing super fun things, like putting his new Star Wars underwear on our heads (hence the nickname Chewie). 

A big advocate of playing dress-up, I also showed him how to put pants on his head and pretend he's a bunny rabbit--the pant legs make for excellent "ears".  I love playing some sort of dress up with Chewie and have started a theme of giving him hats to wear.  In December I made him a "Birthday Boy" hat for his 3rd birthday.  Later that month I bequeathed to him a Rudolph hat that I had bought for a children's holiday party I attended.  I fully intended to wear the Rudolph hat to the party but chickened out at the last minute in favor of a blinking Christmas light necklace.  Fact: There's nothing cool about a 27 year old woman wearing a Rudolph hat...unless you're fun Aunt Emmy. 

Physical activity is important to me and is something that I wish to instill upon Chewie during our fun times together.  Not to mention, running around makes for an epic naptime and a chance for Aunt Emmy to get some blog writing (err, I mean Bar studying) in.  My parents and I took Chewie to the playground at an elementary school across the road from their house.  I'd share pictures of Chewie and I racing down the slides but my mother isn't fast enough with a camera phone to capture such priceless moments.  Kidding mom, you were too busy catching us at the bottom of the slides to take pictures anyway--Chewie flies down those slides!  My mom did manage to get a pic of me swinging around a pole though.  Chewie was on a parallel pole but he wouldn't face the camera for an inappropriate shot of him and his Aunt Emmy pole dancing.  Shame, but at least I got a good Facebook profile pic out of it.

I also value education and like to read, play puzzles and counting games with Chewie.  He happened to come into the room when I was on the computer looking at creepsters profiles on Plenty of Fish and asked what I was doing.  Realizing that 3 years old is too young to appreciate the hilarity of online dating, I told him it was a computer game.  The object of the game is to count the number of shirtless pictures on each man's profile.  Chewie is a great counter, which is good because we counted 6 shirtless pictures in one profile alone--I instantly declared us winners both in the game and in life.  Thanks for a great weekend Chewie!

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