Monday, March 26, 2012

Dating Games (Part II)

As I mentioned in this post, my friend Greta and I are playing a dating game.  At this point we have each nominated 3 men for the other to contact in hopes of securing a date.  

I spent some time last week writing emails to my potential suitors from Plenty of Fish who Greta picked out for me.  I have nicknamed the men NJman, BeachDude and SarcasticDude.  Here are the results thus far.

I emailed NJman but never heard back, despite the fact that he has logged onto the website.  He was a little too old for me (yes, that's possible) so I wasn't offended that his 45 year old self didn't want to take a chance on a cute 27 year old blonde.  Ha, who am I kidding.  Seriously NJman?!  Did you think I was some spammer looking for a Sugar Daddy?  I'm not after your money old man, I had legitimate selfish blogging interests at heart when I emailed you.  Looks like this one is out.

BeachDude and I sent some emails back and forth but his hectic work schedule (he's in law enforcement) makes it difficult to keep in touch.  So far, his emails are boring.  Perhaps if he posted a picture in uniform I would be more interested.

SarcasticDude and I sent some good emails back and forth before he asked to take it offline.  Since my time is precious, I agreed, hoping we could meet up next week so that I can meet one of the 3 super cute guys who emailed me after I started this Dating Game for the next installment of this blog.

Even though I have a GoogleVoice number to give out at bars now (thanks Greta for this awesome tip), I still haven't figured out how it works and gave SarcasticDude my real telephone number.  Thankfully, Verizon has an awesome free blocking feature in case things get out of hand. The texts started off normal but didnt take long for him to progress to asking for pictures.  Since I only have two pictures on my profile and one is of me in a furry hat, I'm not terribly put off by someone asking for more and I sent him a couple recent shots--selfies of mostly my face and torso.

I guess that wasn't good enough because SarcasticDude kept asking for full body pictures.  Apparently it's an internet phenomenon to post pics of faces only and then show up with an additional 300 pounds from your neck down.  While I understand that attraction is part of dating, I find it ridiculous that men are so insistent on asking for full body shots, especially since they rarely offer them themselves (with the exception of creepy shirtless mirror pics).

At this point I made the decision that someone who was pushing so hard for additional pics was a person I wouldn't get along with.  After marrying someone who told me his biggest fear was that I would, "let myself go" and then yelled at me when I packed on the newlywed nine (true story) I don't give second chances to people who are jerks about weight.  If you can't love me for who I am (cellulite and all) then I don't want your love.

Naturally I took this opportunity to be a jerk and teach him a lesson about asking for full body shots.  I sent him the pic of me at the Rascal Flatts concert here.  Ask and you shall receive, although you won't be going out with me.


  1. Hahahahahahha that was an awesome response. Love it!

    1. Thanks! I gave myself a chuckle with that one.