Monday, August 6, 2012

28 by 28

So while I was procrastinating researching some important stuff on the internet one day, I came across some of these "30 by 30" check lists that people have going on.  A mini bucket list of sorts, it's a list of things you want to complete by the time you're 30 (if you hadn't figured that out by the title of the list, maybe going back to school should be on yours).  I thought about it and decided that it was too early for me to create a 30 by 30 list.  I have plenty of time, I'm only 25.  Um, what?!

For some reason I've been going around thinking that I'm 25 for 3 years.  Totally true.  It wasn't until the other day that I said to someone, "Well, I'm 27 already" that I realized that I'm not 25.  In fact, I'm not even 27.   Before you start worrying about early onset dementia, realize that I do know my age.  I may not excel at math, but I do know that 2012-1984 = 28.  Yup, I'm 28.  I don't feel it though.  I'm caught in a strange place between having the ass and killer body face of a 25 year old and the life experience of a 35 or 40 year old.

So I've decided to spend some time thinking about what I'd like to do before I turn 30, which I realize is now less than 2 years away.  ::hyperventilates into paper bag::  I used to think that by the time I was 30 I'd be happily married, have at least one child, 2 dogs and a killer legal career.  Since that dream blew up in my face like a meth lab (except for the great career part), I have to make a new list of things to accomplish by the time I'm 30.

I started to write a "30 by 30" list, but everything that came to mind were awesome things that I had already done by the time I was 28.  So in an effort to come up with 30 things to augment my life with within the next 2 years, I will take you on a trip down memory lane with my "28 by 28" list.

28 by 28
  1. Found my music passion--Top 40s were fun for a while, but country music has become a passion of mine.  Judge if you must, but I can't go a day without listening to country.  Haters gonna hate, but you'll never (see #2)
  2. Rocked cowboy boots and hat--I've got 4 pairs of cowboy boots, 2 cowboy hats and I can rock them all.  You have no idea how much fun a cowboy hat can be ;)
  3. Made out with a Grammy winning music artist--I did this while I was in college but it's notable enough to add to the list, especially because he recently won a Grammy in the past several years.  
  4. Lived in a foreign country (Israel)
    1. Started volunteering--I found a passion for something other than country music.  I volunteer for an organization that helps battered women--a cause that has become close to my heart over the past year.
    2. Found a hobby--When life hands you a man who refuses to buy a dining room table, you buy a piece of crap off Craigslist and turn it into gold!  Then you realize you messed up, laugh at the fact that he got it in the divorce settlement, and proceed to perfectly refinish killer furniture for your new condo!
      Kitchen table refinishing
      1. Kicked some ass--I wrap these manicured hands, velcro on my boxing gloves and beat the crap out of a heavy bag.  It's a great stress reliever, keeps me in shape, and gives me confidence that no asshole is going to mess with me!
        1. Expanded my palette--I developed a taste for onions and eggplant.  I still hate tomatoes though.
        2. Became an aunt--Ok that one was none of my doing, but I will take credit for being the coolest Aunt to my nephew.
        3. Took a trip alone--On a whim back in 2007 I went to visit a friend in Norway who I hadn't seen in 7 years.  On another whim in May I went to an American Bar Association conference in Nashville where I knew no one.  Both trips were amazing!
        4. Graduated from college and law school--I put this in here for you, Mom.  Comprehensive Honors in college too!
        5. Passed 3 Bar Exams--This one I'm pretty proud of.  I took and passed New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey ON THE FIRST TRY.  No, I did not waive in to any of them.  I'm a master bar taker.
        6. Became an Israeli citizen--I now have 2 passports and 2 awful passport pictures--booyah!
        7. Started a collection--Matches, because they're classier than lighters. I have tons of candles and matches are much more practical than the miniature pig figurines I collected when I was 8.
        8. Became a scotch drinker--Macallan 12, 18 if you're buying.
          Scotchy, scotch, scotch!

        9. Got a car--Believe it or not, the car I got at 26 was my first car ever.  
        10. Got into a car accident--I crashed my new car a year after I got it.  I'm fine and it's fixed.
        11. Went to an NFL game--I went to my first NFL game last year.  We had Sky Box tickets for a Giants/Jets game because we're cool like that.
        12. Went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
          Perfect seats for the parade
        13. Went to Hawaii--Granted it was my Honeymoon, but my ex's disdain for pictures of us together coupled with the fruity boozy drinks and marathon reading sessions left me with memories (and pictures) of amazing things that I did alone.  I can't complain though, without him, I wouldn't have had all of these great pictures of myself!  
        14. Took a trapeze lesson--I did this for my 25th birthday and it was thrilling!  I've never felt so old as I did at 25 and 2 days when every muscle in my body was throbbing.
        15. Rode a horse on the beach--I did this for my 26th birthday in Israel.  The wind was whipping through my hair, I was one with my horse and we galloped off into the sunset until the tour guide yelled at me in some Hebric (Hebrew/Arabic gibberish that I couldn't decipher) and I had to turn around.  
        16. Rode a camel in the desert--Do you sense a theme with large animals?  I had ridden a camel back in 2000 but in 2010 I took my mom on a 4 hour camel ride in the Negev in Israel.  This time my tour guide was nice enough to let me frolic on my own for a while.
        17. Became a Spinning Instructor--I finally found a job where I get paid to yell at people!  I stopped being an instructor when I injured my lady bits--true story!
          1. Started writing songs--I've become infamous for humorously rewriting the words to songs for special occasions and singing them poorly in front of audiences.  
          2. Partied with Guidos down the Jersey Shore--Learned how to fist pump too.
          3. Re-pierced my navel--At 19 I decided I was too cool to have a belly button ring anymore.  At 27 I decided I wanted it again.  I'm still rocking it.
          4. Started a blog--I had one years ago but it pales in comparison to this one.
          Now I have to start thinking about what I'm going to do before I turn 30.  Any ideas for me?

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